Professional dancer and avid meditator, Eileen Kelly has guided hundreds of private clients to feel good inside their own skin and enjoy a better relationship with a healthy and beautiful body.

In 2002 she created her unique vision for a private boutique-fitness studio in NYC and quickly received national attention.

From Body+Soul: Whole Living (now called Martha Stewart's Whole Living: Body+Soul In Balance)  ZEN IN THE WEIGHT ROOM   by Tracey Minkin

"It’s not often that one meets a trainer like Eileen, or like her husband, Lowell Boyers. The two have brought their personal interest in things Eastern to their whitewashed studio space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Wooden temple doors lead to the workout space, where the atmosphere is distinctly anti-gym: no televisions, no noise, no mirrors. Here at Threshold a session begins with a yoga-inspired Sun Salutation and ends with a short session of guided meditation. It’s weight room meets sanctuary, and the soothing personalities of Eileen and Lowell, not to mention the pitcher of lemon-infused water and the bowl of clementines, set every client on the path to peace." 

“Kelly, lively and quick to laugh, was clad in leather Daryl K pants and a cashmere wrap ('You thought I'd be in head-to-toe Nike, right?')” -Vogue.

ABOUT Eileen

I’m interested in outer strength being expressed as inner beauty and inner strength being expressed as outer beauty. We all fall out of love with our bodies so easily. (If we ever had a good relationship with our bodies in the first place.)

I’ll help you love your body and care for it.

In 1997 when I was recovering from chemotherapy treatment I needed to build up the strength that I had lost during months of inactivity. I found slow training and immediately recognized that super slow training was not only a way to get strong, it was a way to still and focus my mind.

In 2017 My marriage broke up and I had to reinvent myself apart from Threshold: Fitness Beyond The Physical which I had built with my husband. “Beyond the physical” had always been the heart and soul of my work with clients. So, I am specializing in pre and post menopausal fitness using my personal experience of yoga, stretching, nutritional counseling, massage and good posture practice as well as strength training. “Personal Climate Change” is how I refer to “hot flashes” because if we can take control of how we perceive ourselves we can impact how we experience ourselves. Working with mind and body together we reclaim our power and majest

I love my job. I play a special role in each clients’ life creating a work-out and approach that is just for her. Then together we investigate how she can get stronger and have more energy. Courage in training definitely translates to life beyond the workout. While learning to love and care for your beautiful body you will open your heart and connect to your life with more joy and pleasure.

My Training

  • SUNY Potsdam & Empire State College - EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY & DANCE

  • Contemplative Dance Studies - AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT

  • The American Association of Drugless Practioners - HOLISTIC HEALTH COUNSELING (IIN)

  • Lotus Palm School - THAI MASSAGE

  • Inspired by - THE ROSEN METHOD



  • Inspired by - Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche - TIBETAN BUDDHISM & MEDITATION

Outer Strength and Inner Strength

My clients develop inner strength as a result of changes with their outer strength.  I have worked with clients suffering with osteoporosis, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, frozen shoulder, post knee surgery, neuropathy, MS and ALS as well as working with people who are interested in weight loss, climbing mountains and sports training.  My clients range in age from sixteen to ninety-six. 

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