Neck Pain and Exercises that Help Relieve Stress

People hold tension in the upper mantel of their backs, shoulders and their neck. Often our clients at Threshold Fitness Beyond the Physical have high stress jobs that demand that they sit at a desk, poised above their computers for hours on end, and, as a result, of this held posture their necks and backs ache well after the work day, often leading to chronic discomfort. There are several things we do to inspire and effect change for our clients.

Exercise, when done regularly, can dramatically make a change in the way we feel. For those who do suffer neck pain from a work related postural reason, we will offer a series of exercises that not only build strength in the upper body, but, also, through the activity will force circulation by correctly lengthening and shortening the muscle bellies that have suffered from chronic stasis. Shrugs can be one of the many exercises we advocate for directly benefiting people with such problems. The Trapezius stems from the base of the shoulder blades way up the neck. It is essentially the upper mantel of our backs, it's job, raising the shoulder blades up and down our backs. The Seated Row also allows incredible "action" that lengthens and shortens the Rhomboids, those muscles that move our shoulder blades laterally across our backs...So many people complain of that knot between the shoulder blade...A Seated Row done with our Superslow protocol can be just the right medicine for such a discomfort.

We also encourage stretching at the work place. Very simple exercises every hour on the hour can dramatically change the way we feel at the end of the day so we don't suffer neck pain at night. Shrugs, simply raising and lowering our shoulders with our chests up high, 8 or 10 times slowly and deliberately can force a little circulation up through the neck. Moving the rhomboids back and forth, imagine pinching a tennis ball between your shoulder blades then rounding the back after, is a great technique... Also, while sitting in a chair with one's legs spread widely, bend at the hip with back straight, towards the floor, and then round to touch the floor between your feet and then rolling back up, can help to lengthen and shorten one's spinal erectors, the long cable like muscles that stem from the base of your hips up the back....

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