Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a practice of active and embodied imagination.  It is a way of developing awareness of  the inner movement of the mind and the outer movement of muscles and bones.  It's personal and yet it can be shared.  It can be practiced in a group setting where we invite awareness of how we experience ourselves and others, moment by moment, by just "listening" or tuning in to thoughts, feelings, impressions and moods as they pass.

We call it Contemplative Dance but this is not dance in any traditional sense.  It is a meditation with eyes closed in an open space where movement is possible.  

There are two roles in the practice. There is a witness who reflects the body's journey almost like a mirror  and a mover.  

In the witness role we are invited to experience everything we are taking in as seen through a lense of our own making and catch our perception at work.  We pay attention to the movement of our own thoughts coming and going without deciding what's a good thought or a bad thought, what's desirable or unwanted.  In this way we practice witnessing ourselves at the same time as we witness the mover.   

The Mover
The only instruction is : "follow your impulse to move or be still." Witnessing the movement of the mind with an invitation to engage the body is like a sitting meditation practice without the container of stillness.
The movement sessions last anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes in a big open space.

My Impressions
I have been doing this for a long time but I am always called back to zen mind beginners mind.  Every time I engage with this practice I deepen my relationship with compassion for myself which always seems so much more difficult than compassion for others.

If you have any other questions about it let's talk.

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