If you are curious about how to bring a meditative approach to your life come check out this workshop in authentic movement.  Take meditation off the cushion and bring it into motion and into your life.

Authentic Movement is a practice in awareness, a practice of witnessing how we experience ourselves and others, moment by moment, by just "listening" or tuning in.

You can sit still, lie down, walk around or stand on your head.  It is also called Contemplative Dance to invite the sensibility that all movement is a dance.  Even invisible movement is a dance.  When we are still we can "move" as we travel with our imaginations.

What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is a practice that creates a space and a boundary of time to investigate Movement and Meditation in a personal way.

This is not dance in any recognizable way.  It is meditation with eyes closed in an open space where movement is possible.  There is a witness who reflects the body's journey - almost like a mirroring.  What is unique about this practice is that it has two reciprocal sides.  Mover and witness.  
In the witness role we get the opportunity to experience that everything we are taking in is seen through a lens of our own making.  We are writing the story about what we are seeing -  Perception -- anything the eyes touch...we are already "poking at it". Constructing it.  How do we see with our heart/eyes?  How do we really listen from the heart?  In the Authentic Movement practice we witness ourselves at the same time as we witness the mover.  We try to see when and how our minds wander off and get ahead of what's happening.  We practice paying attention to the movement of our own thoughts coming and going without deciding what's a good thought or a bad thought, a desirable thought or an unwanted thought.

The Mover
In sessions anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes the mover has time to explore the practice in a big open space inviting the experience of moving or being still.  The eyes are closed or dimmed to avoid bumping into others or the walls.  You can move any-which-way.  The only instruction is : "follow your impulse to move or be still." Witnessing the movement of the mind with an invitation to engage the body is like a sitting meditation practice without the container of stillness.

Each participant has an opportunity to experience both roles: witness and mover.  These two roles are not separate. As we move we will become aware of our inner-witness.  And when we sit still to act as witness to other movers, we discover a kinesthetic empathy, a projection of seeing with our mover eyes.

I have been doing this for a long time but I am always called back to zen mind beginners mind.  Every time I engage with this practice I deepen my compassion for myself as I connect to others.

If you have any other questions about it, let's talk.




We are organizing it a little differently this time.
Saturday will be designed to be taken as a one day workshop for people who for whatever reason can't do the whole workshop.  so, if you can't do the whole weekend saturday would be the best day to come.  We will not be able to fit in people who are only available for sunday.

so there are three ways to join
just fridaySept. 25 ($50)
just saturday Sept 26 ($150)
or the whole weekend September 25, 26, 27 ($250)
10% discount for all past participants.

We are hoping this will make the workshop more accessible to people who have kids or just can't commit to both saturday and sunday.  Of course it is AWESOME AND BEYOND PROFOUND to come to the entire weekend.  It is almost like a retreat when the realizations that unfold for oneself have time to float to the surface.

I hope you can come.  Let me know if you can or what your are considering.  Give me a call (i'd love to have the 5minute touch base) or email.

Link to registration is below.

Much Love-----

Here are the details. For our upcoming Fall weekend program Sept 25th-27th, 2015

Randy Warshaw Studio
115 Wooster between Prince & Spring
Buzzer 2F
2nd floor; elevator or stairs

FRIDAY September 25
7pm-9:30 pm
Studio open 6:30

SATURDAYSeptember 26
10am-5pm (Studio Opens at 9:30am)
With a break for lunch

SUNDAY September 27
10am-5pm (Studio Opens at 9:30am)
With a break for lunch

just fridaySept. 25 ($50)
just saturday Sept 26 ($150)
or the whole weekend September 25, 26, 27 ($250)
10% discount for all past participants.