Eileen and Lowell's Approach

New clients begin by sitting down with Eileen or Lowell and filling out a Brief Health History.   It is important for us to get answers to basic questions like Do you have any injuries?  Have you had any past surgeries?  Do you take any medication? But our questions go deeper in order for us to understand what role fitness can play in your life.  Questions include...What is your weight now?  What was your weight six months ago? a year ago?  What would you like it to be?  Where does your body hold tension?  How many hours of sleep do you get a night?  Do you want support with your eating habits?

Supporting change is our focus with clients.  Together, over time, we revisit these questions to measure your success and how your fitness routine is changing your life.

Slow movement training is like Thai Chi meets weight lifting.  It is slow and fluid.  When you arrive for a workout we check in about aches, pains or injuries and then we decide where to begin.  Not every day is the same for our bodies and it makes sense to tune in to what the body needs each day.  Generally we will lift weights every time we see you but if you arrive stressed out or with aches and pains we'll shift gears and focus on restorative yoga or massage.

If we start with weights we will systematically move from machine to machine exercising every major muscle in the body.  The Med-X Core Lumbar Strength machine is an integral part of our system as it develops strength, stability, flexibility and endurance.  All of the work we do is focused on resilience.  The work with machines is followed by alternating modalities to investigate and improve postural alignment and flexibility.  This could be anything from a focused routine of abdominal strength exercises to a foot rub or a few selected restorative yoga poses.  At the end of the session we allow time to address any underlying conditions, unravel the knots and finish with renewed energy.