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Nels Cline, musician

Okay - I admit that I have always been a grumbling wimp about exercise. And for most of my life I was a weed with the metabolism of a hummingbird. But then I got older, flabbier, and a lot busier. I travel a tremendous amount and play a lot of concerts, and my aging bod has been feeling the burn. I needed help! Then help arrived in the form of Eileen Kelly/Threshold (thanks to my wife Yuka telling me to check her/them out), and I am eternally grateful. And a lot stronger and more resilient!  Nels

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Karla Frieders, executive   Steve Madden

"The minute I walked in the door, a calmness came over me and I knew I was in the right place."

If you want more than that I would love to elaborate...

"Eileen is always welcoming, and genuinely a happy person. You feel like you are a friend coming over to visit, almost saddened when it is time to go.  The space she has created is a secret world behind that door, an escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC. I love everything about Threshold Fitness!"

If you can't tell, I am so excited to be able to escape into her world, it's the best thing to happen for me in a long time!

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Anne E. Delaney, artist

Threshold has been the way I begin my tuesday mornings for over 12 years? more? Upon entering, I receive a  warm welcome from Eileen, and I leave knowing that the time spent there will see me through the busy week ahead. 

The weekly routine varies between exercise, yoga and massage, and can be altered in case of injury. I have exceeded my goals of becoming strong, having good posture,keeping limber, avoiding osteoporosis and back pain.  I have unexpectedly gained confidence, knowledge and familiarity with my own body, and how to listen to it. And I have an increased love of physical activity and the ability to engage in sports.  There are also hidden benefits, like the sound advice from the trainer, a rejuvenating massage after work outs, and the weekly joy of knowing that as I step into the beautiful atmosphere of Threshold, (more of a high-end aesthetic spa than sterile, music blasting gym),  I will be taken care of. I may miss other appointments, but I never miss my Tuesday Threshold morning.

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Dorothea Tanning, artist

The “exercise girl” who comes on three other afternoons, is a downtown physical therapist named Eileen Kelly…She is part of a support system of women whom Tanning refers to as “My girls,” and occasionally “my poor girls,” and dotes on as shamelessly as she bosses them around.

As seen in May 2004 The New Yorker article by Jane Kramer photograph by Ruven Afanador

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Yuka Honda, musician

Gaining muscle mass with you has not only been helping me physically, but it also brought emotional strength into my crazy up and down musician life.  Being, knowing and feeling stronger can do wonders.  Thank you!  Love, Yuka

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Richard Howard, poet

For the last thirteen years I’ve taken myself two and usually three times a week to Threshold, where together the pair of us (Eileen and I) undertake a varying but invariably strenuous series of exercises, movements, conceptions of my body for about forty-five minutes.  I had never exercised in my life until I began at Threshold, and by now I could not regard life as my life at all without Threshold: I expect and intend to continue that life thus happily.

Malcolm Stasso, student

Malcolm worked out with us while recovering from knee surgery.

"After surgery and physical therapy I started working out with Eileen.  I'll admit as much as I wanted my leg to continue getting stronger, I also wanted to get super fit for basketball season.  It worked."


Eileen is not just a trainer, she is a healer.   Her work-out brings together body and soul.  Heidi Reigler, Reigler Media

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Amber and Sebastien, dula and financial analyst

Amber and Sebastien share a session in our Buddy System. They started working out together to get in shape before their wedding. Amber says “Welcome to the Gun Show.”

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Jane Lerner, food writer, copy editor

Eileen is an incredible spirit who I know is deeply invested in my health, fitness and well-being. Working out at Threshold is hard and tough—you can really feel every centimeter of every muscle get engaged—but time spent in their awesome Chelsea loft is always filled with laughter, encouragement and joy. 

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Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.

I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.

ideas,  language,  even the phrase eachother

doesn't make any sense.

- Rumi

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This is the only work-out that has had my commitment for over ten years.  It is so quick and effective you can't go wrong.  And the results are life long and truly beyond the physical. 

Patricia Pericas, owner Clinic Studio

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Heidi Riegler, owner Vienna Cookie Company

"Eileen is not just a trainer, she is a healer. Her workout brings together body & soul and the mind.  I have worked out with her for years and coming back to the beautiful, intimate and personal Threshold Soho studio, is like rewarding myself to a caring, nurturing body & mind & soul experience that brings me closer to who I am." Heidi Riegler

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Rukaberry, the patterdale terrier

Meet Ruka. Here he's three years old and now in photo with me he’s eight years old.

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