Get Away . . . for a weekend or 5 days.  Do our SPRING and WINTER CLEANSE.   

Once or twice a year we invite our community of clients to join us in a seasonal RETREAT.  Each year we discover new locations both near and far to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on fitness, both inner and outer.  We design workshops to integrate our fitness philosophy with the surroundings including walks on the beach and yoga pool-side. Our classes include rigorous daily workouts but there is also time to relax, sit by the pool and unwind with a book. We also encourage simple pleasures like sky-gazing and day dreaming. RETREAT is a great time to nurture or even begin a meditation practice.  We take advantage of the peace and quiet to introduce simple tools for meditating including “just sit” and moving meditation.   

If you want to jump start a new dietary commitment this can be a gentle opportunity to eat good whole foods.  A private chef serves organic vegetarian meals as well as daily cleansing veggie cocktails. 

Join our Threshold Fitness Beyond the Physical retreat that goes beyond any other retreat experience! The Perfect Cleanse for body and soul. Retreats are in Jamaica, Martha’s Vineyard, Mexico, and Upstate New York.